We're Back!

NOTICE: This site is in NO way affliliated with AOL/ICQ/WHATEVER and no downloadable software can be found at this web address.. I suggest you go to this address for their stuff.. reading beyond this point means you understand fully that this site is in NO way related to AOL or ICQ.. and it also absolves me of any legal rammfications because you assumed wrongly.. sorry, deal with it.

Now you're too late..

Back in 2000-2001 I wrote an AI chat client that utilized the ICQ framework.. AOL bought ICQ out and then proceeded to ruthelessly slam down all projects like mine, or anyone who contained the word "ICQ" in their domain name. They justified it by claiming that having ICQ in the name would confuse the visitor into thinking they were the official ICQ client and thus, dilute their brand.

My Site, which AOL stole from me as a result, was not ambiguous in it's content. It was clearly not the ICQ client and it contained links back to the official client. At the time, I was a kid and I couldn't afford legal representation, but nevetheless I fought them off for over a year using myself as defense...I had to relent when they demanded mediation in which I knew they'd win and probably at that point ask for damages, which they probably would win simply because they are a bully many time my size, I was defending myself.

Here we are 12 years later ( as of 2013 ) and I notice they let this domain expire. Sorry AOL, this is my property again and it's not violating any laws. This site is a shrine to what was. In the coming days, I will post the content of what used to be on the site. so you can see, it will contain the letters back and forth between me and the AOL lawyers.

In the mean time.. check out my current stuff:

Digital Cheese - My version of the CLASSIC digg style site.. I hate the new digg
Oneduality - My official music site, I'm a musician.. AOL forced me out of my passion of coding.
Bitstorm - Where I work.

Ps. I'm not done writing bots ... I've already got new software, but it will require more work on your end. I've opted to write an interface with a larger system that has plugins for multiple networks. This means the bot software isn't just ICQ, it's anything... even facebook. This is a long term project so stay tuned. It's going to be open source and non-profit. Doing things this way means I'm not personally responsible for any interface with the likes of AOL or anyone, I'm merely writing the piece that reads and responds.. More information to come.

Ps. Ps. Ps. This is the library of congress's last known copy of my former site before AOL took it..